Eternium Hacks

Eternium: gold hack | Eternium rubies Cheats tricks


Eternium game wins hearts of more and more people, but like any other RPG, Eternium takes a lot of time to pump your character. Not every player is willing to spend dozens of hours on the game, in order to pump and collect better things, because over time this process will get boring and viewing the same advertisements can simply ruffle. This short guide to Eternium hack will tell you how to hack Eternium gold cheats or rubies.

Eternium Hacks

Eternium gold and rubies hack | how to hack Eternium

Let’s start with the fact that Eternium can be hacked in two main ways and there is absolutely nothing difficult about this, even a child can handle it. The first way is to install a hacked (modified) version of the game. In this case, we make our lives as easy as possible without having to install scripts. The modified version of Eternium will allow you to have an unlimited amount of gold and rubies, which will greatly facilitate the game and give you a chance to try out the possibilities of the game that require the player many hours of continuous play. The second way is scripts, but more on that later. Download the hacked version of the Eternium game on Android here:


Installing a modified version is not only a quick solution, but it is important to understand that these modifications may not work correctly, in some cases they may not start at all. It is important to note that the game is updated regularly and if you have a modified version of the game, then it will not be updated via Google Play.

Eternium hacking into gold and rubies: scripts

In addition to the version with the installation of the mod version of the game, there is also an option to correct the game using scripts written by folk craftsmen. This option is a bit more complicated, but it will allow you to better study the game and avoid problems with the application’s work (if you have direct hands and attentive study of the information). The main “tool” for hacking is GameGuardian.


Simply put, scripts are the adjustment of basic values in the game and replacing them with ours, this will allow you to get a lot of rubies and gold with the help of which we will be able to open hundreds of chests, open all partners and shake your character as much as possible. But this option is questionable from the point of view of losing interest in the game, because hacking the game and getting literally all of us will not be able to stop almost anything and it will be interesting to play such an imba character – an open question and decide for everyone personally whether to do this.

Eternium Hacks

Eternium hacks: tricks

In addition to the options for hacking Eternium, there is also the possibility of some cunning manipulations to ease the game.

If you collect a lot of things and store them in the chest, but do not want to spend rubies on opening new chest cells, then you should create another character on your account. Two characters are free, the rest will have to buy for rubies. The secret is that after creating the second character, we will be able to buy the slots of the chest not for precious rubies, but for gold, which is plenty in the game without hacking. Additional space in the chest is useful for collecting new items or collecting precious stones, do not underestimate them.

The obvious thing, but in order to swing faster, we will need things that enhance the experience, as such rings and an amulet are perfect, the faster the buildup is – the stronger we become.

If you are new to Eternium, then in the first or second game you will receive a notification that you can get a bonus premium chest, but we will need a promotional code for Eternium. The developers advise us to search for it on the official game forum, but we will facilitate your task.

The code for the chest in Eternium – IDKFA.

Many ask the question “why do we need keys in Eternium?” And the answer is very simple. At the sixth (6) level of basic difficulty there is the level of “Misty Island”, also known as the Mysterious Island, where we will need to kill the Gorgon and with the help of these keys we will be able to get to the activation of this level. It is important to note that legendary things (beta version) can fall from the Gorgon, but most often these are elite and rare things.

Eternium hacking into gold and rubies: total

If you do decide to subject the game to hacking, then you should sensibly understand that this can cause problems with the performance of the game. Carefully read the instructions for installing scripts in order to avoid trouble. Also do not forget that after hacking the game for gold and rubies, you can quickly lose interest in the game, because you will get everything and without any special effort at once, consider whether it is worth it to break Eternium. It is also important to understand that after hacking you will still be able to participate in various gaming events (events), but you will not receive rewards for them, keep this in mind.

Thank you for reading our short guide on cracking the game Eternium. We also advise you to familiarize yourself with other materials on our website, including such guides as:



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