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Cool free hack on Apex Legends fakyx which you can download from our site. This software is unique in everything, firstly, it contains in its functionality exclusively unique, and most importantly, working functions that you can customize and use yourself, secondly, the hack has its own unique menu in English, which will make this hack much easier in unlike the Chinese hacks. The software has the status of UNDETECTED and, according to the author, the cheat will work until 30.03.2019 or until the next update of the game, but the author is going to continue to update this free cheat on Apex.

I would like to tell you more about each function, but I want to give access to this hack much faster so that everyone can use it. I can say one thing that the cheat contains two necessary functions for a successful game – it is Aimbot with the possibility of multiple settings and the Wallhack (ESP) function which you can also customize to your style of play, change the distance somewhere, pick up colors, highlight the opponent’s health and much another. Download and follow the instructions in order not to get a ban from Apex in the near future.


Download Apex Legend hack Fakyx – AIMBOT, WALLHACK FOR FREE


Download Apex Legends Fakyx Hack – Aimbot, Wallhack for free for free from our website, you just have to click on the “Download” button and go through the installation process of the hack. Cheats are checked for viruses and performance, we can safely say that hacks on our site do not harm your computer. It is worth noting that cheat programs are considered viruses and therefore it is better to disable antivirus software and Windows defender. If there are problems, you can safely leave a comment and during the day we will try to answer you.

Apex Legends fakyx Hack

How to avoid a ban when using Apex Legends hack 

New topic about cheaters in Apex Legends on Reddit forums quickly became popular. Despite the fact that the studio Respawn recently tightened anti-cheat system Apex Legends, starting to ban on iron, the joy of the players was short-lived – cheat programs have become smarter than anti-cheat.

Previously, Apex Legends suffered from three types of foul play – incredible shooting accuracy, speed of movement, or illumination of all players on the map. Everyone can find them and, with the advent of the first combat pass, everyone could quickly complain.

The user under the name DarthAesder writes that the new cheat programs change the parameters so that the cheater does not stand out among the others. Aimbot, for example, misses a few shots from a dozen. He still helps to shoot, but only half of the bullets will reach the target. Either the program breaks the accuracy counter, leaving all bullets to hit the target.

Now it is impossible to statistically calculate cheater and an honest player, but it is worth such a fair show of statistics a little better – so it will be banned. The only chance is to watch the game yourself and complain. For example, if a suspicious player kills someone while hanging on a cable, he is 100% cheater.

Post in the comments from the user iStingerX, received the most likes, reports that even professional players and streamers use cheats. He makes such a conclusion on how stupidly they act when they are being watched.

On the “soft” cheating reported by other players in the comments. According to them, even if a player without a cheat will shoot with the same accuracy, such a “soft” cheater will win at the time of shooting from a third-party program. Not immediately – after the shootout, two-three clips released, in general, everything is just like a regular player.

What is offered to solve? Do as in South Korea, where players are forced to register, indicating their personal data. Then the ban comes for life. And also disable identification when your game is being watched.

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