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DayZ hacks 2018 STANDALONE


DayZ hacks 2018 Standalone

 I want to remind you that most of the bocks in the game dayz hacks 2018 Standalone is due to the fault of the players themselves. Play accaurately and everything will be fine. Do not post videos with your game with cheats




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Most functions are implemented outside of the game process, but you still need an injector to insert DLL libraries into the process of the game itself. dayz hacks aimbot

Below are the main functions and their description, as well as instructions for launching the reader.
You can see the demo in the video.
Chit was paid, in a consequence it stopped supporting and at the moment it is in public access with the cut-down functionality due to the large number of updates (the video is not ours)

For all possible errors, please contact us in the comments, we can not guarantee the cleanliness of the file and anti-blocking of the account.
Use at your own risk.


BMChQTGCcAEe1Fp - DayZ hacks 2018 STANDALONE


ESP (Extra Sensory Perceptron)

  • Player
  • Item 
  • Zombie | FIX
  • Vehicle 
  • Locations | OFF


  • No Recoil | FIX


  • No Fatigue | FIX
  • Adjust Weather
  • Day/Night Switcher
  • Disarm Players


How to install?

Below is a link to our injector

1 Unpack the installer wherever you are convenient
2 Start it
3 Specify the folder with the game
4 After installing and replacing all the original files, run the file cheats directly
5 Start the game in the window mode
5 Turn on the injector (any one on our site is provided by Xenos
6 In the injector, select the library in the root folder of the chit
7 Select the process
8 Inject
9 In the game CTRL+7

Xenos dll injector

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