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Overwatch Aimbot 2018 | Free download + new function «humaniti»


Overwatch Aimbot 2018+

The new function of «humanity«




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Hello the user of our site! We post the actual cheat for Overwatch with 2 working functions AIMbot and Aimassist. Thanks to these functions, you can work -5 because of the times, quite literally and straight according to the heads. Detect build zero, at the time of publication, it is possible that the bans were and will be, first of all because of inaccuracy of the players themselves Cheats for overwatch do not exclude the human factor from which most players come across, especially at the moment of the match.

Be careful and do not go beyond what is permissible to avoid the ban.


OverwatchAimAssistant - Overwatch Aimbot 2018 | Free download + new function "humaniti"You must press [F1] to turn on the cheat, and you can use [F2] if you want to turn off the cheat.

Aimkey you can choose from the menu:

Left click

Right click

Mouse button 4

Mouse button 5

Middle mouse button

All the options in the menu:


Aim settings

Aim speed

Fov Range


What kind of function is humanity?


Aimbot with optimization and reducing the risk of ban.

Has the function of «humanity» that allows you to exclude yourself from suspicion of using cheats.


Aimbot with the probability of an automatic firefight according to all who are in sight.

Wallhack advanced version, can demonstrate the weapon of the player and his placement including through the walls, with such a valhak you can create all the investors on the map. (NOT WORKING)

The assembly is merged with private boards, it is not responsible for its cleanliness, but it is checked for operability, if there are any errors, you can contact with the report, through the comment forums or by mail


Special thanks to the guys

aimbot on head ( only ) not 100% perfect

on / off option ( insert button ) and arrow key for active/deactive[Credits Goes to]

@drnseven @master131 @GucciStyle@drnseven



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