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Roblox Hack 2018


Roblox HackS


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Is it possible to cheat in any Roblox game mode?


Roblox Hack 2018 Yes indeed it is. There are ways to create scripts that will teleport you, automatically aim for you and display enemies and NPCs on your screen. – There are also some other client based hacks / trainers  like speed mods, climbing hacksand so on. However, there are NO god modes, item hacks, free builders club, or anything of the sort, unless you are in single player or own your own server. Cheating is possible on PS4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, PC, macOS, iPod touch and Fire OS.

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Roblox Hacks

Hacks are the most popular way of cheating in roblox and can do literally everything from auto aiming (aimbots) in shooting game modes, speedhacks, partial god modes, clipping through walls, seeing through walls, flying, walking up walls, teleporting, speeding up your walking speed (speedhacks), spawning items, changing jump height and a lot more. Most popular among these hacks are speed hacks, jumping hacks, aim bots and walking through walls for very obvious reasons, since these kinds of cheats can be used in almost any game mode to make playing easier and to win easily in PvP game modes. At one Time it was also possible to to invisible through invisibility exploits, but that has since been patched.

Hacks are achieved by altering the way Roblox works on your pc/android/ios and are potentially detectable and bannable, so be very careful before downloading free software and make sure to test it on an alt account before using it on your main Roblox account.


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Robux Hacks (Are there any free Ro


bux?) and Trading Bots

No. Sadly getting Robux using any kind of tool or cheating program is impossible. See, this is a multiplayer online game and all the important data about your account is stored on servers (computers) belonging to Roblox Corporation and cannot be hacked using any kind of tool or generator. So be careful if someone offer s you the impossible. Chances are they are being dishonest with you and do NOT give them your email and password please. The only way to get money through cheating directly is through duping (item duplication) exploits that are incredibly rare and can only be done if lag is present on a host. Duping exploits usually show up after an update that bugs item processing in the game database and is only found on accident and usually patched once it becomes public knowledge, as the devs don’t want the game economy to crash.

There are still ways to get Robux through trading bots that will automatically trade up items for you. Such bots will use tier lists to determine the value of items in your inventory and then trade them for items that are valued higher by spamming trade chat and sending requests to anyone that answers. If the item someone offers you is worth more than the item the Roblox trade bot offers, the bot will automatically accept the trade and continue trading up until you get a dominus or other limited items.


Roblox Private Hacking Groups to farm Robux


The way that hackers in Roblox have been making tons of Robux is by forming groups of hundreds of hackers and their alt accounts, overall multiple thousands of accounts and social engineering the game to make Robux. Usually they will create their own game mode, have the group and all their alts play the mode to have it move up in the top game modes charts and get actual players into it, spending money and therefore making the hackers millions of free Robux. They will then usually at some point delete the game mode and remake it with some subtle changes, allowing the group to farm Robux consistently and over a long time. There are rumors that certain groups of cheaters are pulling this off with only 3 real people and an army of a few thousand alternate accounts and spam bots to push the game mode.


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Roblox Cheating BTools




BTools is a DLL injection hack for Roblox that allows the user to use a console to execute root privilege commands including but not limied to killing any player on the server, enabling god mode (no damage, unlimited resources, free purchases ect), setting walkspeed, set characters to naked, set time, do funky stuff like changing colors, removing limbs and so on. Over time there have been many iterations of the DLL injection Roblox hack and it has been patched and fixed many times, but it seems to come back even stronger every single time. This is without a doubt the most powerful exploit for this game at this time and also one of the most popular with thousands of high-level Roblox players using the tool. Here is a list of functions included in the latest BTools release:

  • «cmds — show the list of all commands.»,
  • «clr — Clear the Console.»,
  • «kill [p] — Kills the [p].»,
  • «time [n] — Sets the time to [n].»,
  • «god [p] — Enables god to the [p].»,
  • «fogend [n] — set the fogend to [n].»,
  • «ws [p] [n] — Enables walkspeed to the [p] — [n].»,
  • «naked [p] — make [p]’s naked.»,
  • «blockhead [p] — make [p]’s have block head.»,
  • «normalhead [p] — make [p]’s have normal head back.»,
  • «btools [p] — set [p]’s PersonalServerRank to 255(give player btools).»,
  • «jumppower [p] [n] — set [p] jumppower to [n].»,
  • «music [n] — play a music with [n] as the id.»,
  • «pitch [n] — set the music pitch to [n].»,
  • «volume [n] — set the music volume to [n].»,
  • «stop — stop the music.»,
  • «play — play the music.»,
  • «fogcolor [r] [g] [b] — set the fogcolor to [red] [green] [blue].»,
  • «rarms [p] — remove [p]’s left & right arm.»,
  • «rlegs [p] — remove [p]’s left & right legs.»,
  • «rlimbs [p] — remove all [p]’s arms and legs.»,
  • «punish [p] — remove [p]’s Character.»,
  • «unpunish [p] — get [p]’s Character back.»,
  • «lock [p] — lock all player parts.»,
  • «unlock [p] — unlock all player parts. usefull for btools»,
  • «killall — self-explanatory.»

This is how to Speeck Hack and NoClip in Roblox on PC:

  1. Install and open up Cheat Engine
  2. Click the PC icon and select the ROBLOX process
  3. Scan for the value “60” in 4 byte value type
  4. Do a First Scan
  5. Select all the results and change them to 150 or higher
  6. For Noclip scan “Float” ‘1000000’
  7. Change it to ‘-500’ and you can now walk through walls in Roblox

Is it legal to cheat and will I get banned from the game for doing it?

Cheating in online and offline games is legal everywhere in the world. The chances that your game ID or account get banned for cheating on online Roblox servers is close to 0. However, individual server admins may ban you from their servers, if they deem you a distracting or otherwise negative influence on their server. Also the use of outdated or detected hacks may lead to an automatic ban from the server or even your account.

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How to Speed Hack Roblox on Android / iOS Mobile:

  1. Root your phone, install Roblox
  2. Get a memory editor such as GameGuardian
  3. Connect your memory editor app to your Roblox app
  4. Enable speedhack and set it to 2 to get double walk speed


Roblox Private Server Cheats

However, unlimited health and ammo hacks seem to be impossible, unless you are running your own server (you are the admin) or are scripting your own game modes and want to implement your own rule exceptions. Most of these hacks are possible by either editing the game client or injecting code into the game. However, the easiest way of achieving powerful cheats is to run your own server (on a PC) and use Cheat Engine / console commands / server rules and so on to cheat. However, cheats achieved on your own server are not fun, if you don’t have people to play with, which is why cheating on other peoples server is a lot more fun. What we noticed when it comes to cheating in Roblox is that it is literally the most fun you can have if you use it to grief people and troll. The good thing about it is that, compared to Minecraft or other similar games, people are amused by hackers, rather than annoyed. This is probably due to the fact that less of the game is centered around building stuff that can potentially be destroyed by griefers.


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