Private Aimbot Hack for Crossout from Aimjunkies team

Private Aimbot Hack for Crossout from Aimjunkies team

We are tired of waiting for free hacks at Crossout, but would you like to read in this game? Then we suggest you to pay attention to the private cheat for the game, scrolling 2019 from the team Aimjunkies (aimjankis), which are known worldwide for a huge number of hacks for various games, as well as the quality of their products.

Functions which this hack possesses:

Since the developer is a huge team and they have been writing for a very long time (I remember playing with their aimbot even when I couldn’t do websites, and this was 8 years ago and I was very pleased), then you need not worry about the quality of the products. By purchasing a aim from Aim Jankies, you will definitely get what they promise you, and the functionality here is pretty good.


Crossout Aimbot - Aimjunkies


Supported OS: Windows 10




– Enable
– Stick to Target
– Auto-Predict
– Max Distance
– Aim at Weapons
– Aim at Wheels
– Aim at Engine/PowerGiver
– Aim at Drones
– Aim at closest to Crosshair
– Aim at closest
– Selectable Aimkey


Aimbot – here allows you to: keep the sight on the target, auto-predicts the trajectory of the shot, as a target, you can choose weapons, wheels, engine, drones, or be guided to the nearest target. It is possible to assign a key, by pressing which, the tip will be activated.



– Name
– Distance
– Box
– 3D Box
– Weapons
– Quadrocopters
– Wheels
– Engine/PowerGivers
– Health
– Show Allies
– Max Distance


ESP – a function that allows you to see the enemy through the walls, works on the principle of stroke lines. The possibilities of the CAP in this reader are as follows: allows you to display the player’s name, distance to him, circle the boxes (squares), cubes, shows the player’s health, the maximum distance to him and much more. ESP is quite informative and easy to configure in the game.



– Enable
– Show Allies
– Lock to Bounds
– Max Distance
– Scale
– Size


Radar – a function that displays the enemy on the minimap. This is a more incomparable analogue of BX, it allows you to find the enemy on the map, but requires some skill, it is necessary to get used to the mapping. For me, this function is generally useless if there is ESP. On the radar settings, everything is simple, you can change the size of the radar, scale, display allies on the map, distance to the target, etc.



– Load Config
– Save Config
– Crosshair
– All colors are changeable


MISC – is an additional option, in this case, you can save the hack configuration, and then load it the next time you start it. Quite convenient if you are tired of setting up a cheat every time.



Private Aimbot Hack for Crossout from Aimjunkies team




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