HEX-EN CSGO Injector (open-source)


A great solution for your hacks that have the file extension .dll. This HEX-EN injector can easily help you open this very cheat and run it without any extra actions. All you need is to download the free HEX-EN injector from our website, run and point the way to the CSGO game, and then select the .dll file itself. This injector is suitable not only for CSGO, but also for other popular online games such as CS 1.6, CSS, Dota 2, Apex, Warface and many others. Full instructions are under this record.

GitHub (open source): https://github.com/alza54/hexen-dll-injector


1. Download the ZIP file with the injector, unpack it and run the file “setup.exe.”
2. The program is automatically installed in AppData and will create a shortcut in the Start menu and on the desktop.
3. Once you want, you can easily remove it just like other programs from the control panel.

 Video installation instruction

HEX-EN CSGO Injector (open-source)

Video instruction on the use of the injector

HEX-EN CSGO Injector
HEX-EN CSGO Injector

How to use it?

Select the process that you want to enter the library.
Tip: the name of the game in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive = csgo.exe.
Select or drag the file to the desired location.
Inject click

Download CS:GO Injector



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