Fortnite – Autobuilder

Long time on our site there were no free and working cheats for the game Fortnite, and all this is due to the fact that the game has a powerful anti-cheat, but we have found solutions for the hack program Autobuilder (automatic constructions). Because of the name, you have probably already guessed that this cheat will help you quickly build any building that will ease your gameplay and give you the opportunity to focus on other players.


Use the PageUP / PageDOWN keys to increase / decrease the build limit. You can change the shortcut keys in the “config.ini” file.


– Tower: common tower with stairs and walls
– Simple tower: tower without walls
– Box: closed “box” around you. Use this if you want to protect yourself during a rebirth, for example, a teammate.


Download Auto-Build Fortnite Hack

Download Auto-Build Fortnite Hack



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