Fortnite Hacks 2020 – Aimbot, Wallhack, V-bucks Scripts – Download Free

Fortnite Hacks 2020 - Aimbot, Wallhack, V-bucks Download Free

Download Fortnite Hacks 2020

In this article, we will review the updated Fortnite Hack features. Aimbot, WallHack, TriggerBot. The cheat is free and available for download by the button at the end of the article. Over 2 years, the protection of Fortnight has significantly increased, but the methods of hacking do not stand still, many ways and paid hacks. The software test period is 2 hours.Fortnite Hacks 2020 - Aimbot, Wallhack, V-bucks Scripts - Download Free Fortnite Hacks 2020


AimBot (AimAssist) – a function that allows one way or another easier to hit the enemy. Conventionally, it can be divided into two large categories: RageBot and LegitBot.
RageBot (Rage – rage) – a hard version of Aimbot, which distributes to all right and left only headshoot with a turn right up to 360 degrees. Rage is usually included for three reasons. The first is when someone in the opposing team is clearly cheating, such a match is called HvH (Hack versus Hack). The second is a teammate boost (now this is not so common, but it occurs). And the third – purely for fun. (100% fawn)
LegitBot (Legit – legal, legal) is a light version of Aimbot, with careful and smooth aiming at the enemy. Usually they have many sub-settings for every taste for the cheater. (fawn – from 1% to 50% depending on the settings)

Now we list all the basic functions and parameters that are part of the framework of the Aimbot function:

  • AimType – type of aimbot. There are two types: standard (Vector) and Silence. The standard type imitates aiming at the enemy. Silence, on the other hand, does not aim the enemy, however, if the bullet “hits” the specified capture angle of the aimbot, then it is automatically sent to the part of the body we need (of course, to the head). It looks like this: your crosshair is above the shoulder, you shoot past your head, but you get into the head.
  • RCS (Recoil Control System) – weapon recoil control. There is compensation both on the X-axis and on the Y-axis. Typically, the degree of control is expressed as a percentage (from 0% to 100%). Depending on the cheat, you can configure either each weapon or a group (rifles, pistols, etc.), or the entire weapon. You can also select the type of RCS: either it is always on, or if only Aimbot works. Standard RCS operate by type of compensation pattern. (fawn – 1-5%, it is impossible to say with 100% certainty that the suspect uses RCS, unless the bullets fly to one point).
  • FOV – Aimbot capture angle. The higher it is, the more distant the sight from the enemy will be a tip. There are two types of FOVs: standard and DBF (Distance Based Fov). DBF is a more legitimate FOV setting. The trick is that the farther the opponent, the smaller the capture angle (this function is implemented in ExtrimHack from the King).
    Smooth is an important legitimate function of aimbot. Determines the smoothness of aiming at the enemy. With a value of 0 – the sight immediately “jumps” at the enemy. (pale yellow increases with increasing FOV, if the Smooth parameter does not increase)
    HitBoxes – where we send the aimbot. In some cheats, you can choose several targets (then a tip is made to the nearest of them from the sight), but usually it is limited to one hitbox (head or body). The setting is made either for one gun, or for all at once. It is very convenient to use individual hitboxes for each weapon: less pale. As an example, a WUA is a carcass, a fly is a head.
  • AimKey – aimbot activation button. Standard – LMB. If you put it on another key, then only a tip will be made without fire (if TriggerBot or AutoFire are not cut)
    AimDelay – delay aimbot. The time after which the tip will work (or a shot) after clicking on AimKey. Increases the accuracy of aimbot, as there is time to aim the sight at the desired part of the body.
  • [NEW] AimDelay Type – Aimbot delay type. There are two options: Waiter and Breaker. Waiter – only aiming works, and after a time is fired. Breaker – the aimbot does not work completely until the Delay parameter expires. I advise you to put Waiter.
    AimTarget – whom to point at all. Enemy only – only on enemies, All – on everyone (for DM servers), Only teammates (if tim raki).
    BackTracking – a function that “returns” the model of the enemy for several tens of milliseconds (when moving). You can also enable Visualis BackTracking: it shows on the head a point that, when moving, describes a line, falling into which the enemy will be destroyed. It looks something like this: [Dust 2] You shoot from the WUA from the suicide on the cop who ran to B. It is clearly visible that you missed and the cop ran away, but still the bullet miraculously reaches it and brings you +1 frag and op in the chat “Nice wh, dude”. (Pale yellow is almost zero, backtracking cannot be proved, usually the demo itself is blamed)
    KillDelay – time for which the tip is turned off after killing the enemy. Very useful and +1 to the piggy bank of a legitimate game.


The triggerbot allows you to take opponents “to the reaction.” Ideal for triggerbot – AWP, Fly and Desert Eagle. However, it should be understood that the human body has its limits and it is impossible to react to any events with a speed of 10 milliseconds (maximum – unconditioned reflexes). Therefore, you do not need to set the sight at a distance of 1 millimeter from the door where your frag will come from, otherwise you will receive a ton of hatred in the chat, 100,500 reports and the patrol will gladly ban you from BX. But actually, what’s the difference? It is often difficult to understand whether this is a BX or a trigger, but it doesn’t matter, the cheat is a cheat, and the punishment is a global lifetime lock on VAC servers. Therefore, I highly recommend using it at a certain distance from the expected exit of the enemy, or very close to the exit, but with the Delay function turned on, about 500ms (about half a second).

I do not recommend using a trigger on the AKM, M4A4 and other assault rifles, because the chance to burn off increases significantly. There may be a situation where by aiming the scope at one opponent, you will “go through” another, at which the trigger will work, but at the same time you will aim the barrel at the second opponent. From the side it will look very strange, especially if the first enemy was not killed. I also don’t advise you to turn on the trigger for WUAs and Mukha without an osprey (without aiming), otherwise you will shoot at a target from 50 meters without aiming at nowhere, which also looks strange (In the best case, you will be considered a noob, in the worst – you know who). Banal rules, such as not directing through smoke, I will not even say. If desired, you can put the trigger on the pistols, especially in the pistol round, where you need to take a shot in the head in most cases (USP, Glock, P2000). To increase legitimacy, you can cut it periodically. The overall rating of paleness in the patrol is 30-50%.


Wallhack (“transparent walls”) External dll. There are several varieties of this cheat. All of them work only if the player uses the OpenGL driver: intercepting the setting of the alpha parameter, which is responsible for the transparency of the textures. The most sophisticated of them have a lot of additional settings, allowing, for example, not to draw flash from flashbang and puffs of smoke, to draw a solid sight, change the transparency of walls and remove shadows from objects.


Fortnite Hacks 2020 - Aimbot, Wallhack, V-bucks Scripts - Download Free Fortnite Hacks 2020

Hacks for V-bucks

How to use Fortnite hack for  V-Bucks:

Click the button below to download the cheat sheet. Next you will see the V-Bucks generator. After that, you need to run it and enter the game. Follow the prompts to activate everything in the correct order, although honestly nothing is easier and you will succeed the first time. V-bucks will be automatically credited to your account after successful generation.

We also want to offer you free fortnite accounts, which we started distributing just a few days ago. All accounts are very cool pumped so you get a great addition to everything. By the way, if you use the cheat on fortnite aimbot, then do not forget to turn on the protection first since it is with it that you can use this popular function as much as you like. Everything else, whether it’s super running, dodging, jumping or swimming, turns on normally.



  1. Download and run Epic Games Launcher and NoEye_Injector files;
  2. Launch Fortnite;
  3. In the injector, select AimBoy.dll and click to inject;
  4. We return to the game and activate with the keys.
  5. There were no bans for her.

Fortnite Hacks 2020 - Aimbot, Wallhack, V-bucks Scripts - Download Free Fortnite Hacks 2020



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