H1Z1 Cheats You Should Add To Your Gameplay Right Now 

H1Z1 Hacks is an impressive game where players can kill others, drive various vehicles, collect different weapons and items and so much more. The game itself is loaded with features so it is less likely that you will need anything more from it. Actually, you will need one thing. You will need the cheats. But, what are they and from where you can download them? 


Where can I download cheats for H1Z1? 


The first place where you can download the cheats is Iwantcheats site. This site is developing cheats for countless games, including this one. They offer the latest cheats that are carefully tested and they won’t get your account suspended. What this means is that you can get the latest cheats and use them for a long period of time without any issues or complications. These guys used to offer H1Z1 Hack Aimbot but it was disabled. The reason for that is the fact the developers of the game, BattlEye is proficient with the cheats and they are looking for various methods to block the cheats and keep the game unable to be hacked. However, they don’t always have luck and cheats do exist which is a good thing for all gamers. Their cheats are tested on a regular basis, meaning you are safe to use them while playing and there is no risk of being detected. Just look for the latest additions and news regarding the matter. 

AimForest is another place where you can download the cheats for the game. They offer PC cheats only at the moment and we don’t know is this going to be changed any time soon. A useful addition is a fact they also offer a guide on how to install the cheats and how to use them. You can find excellent cheats within minutes and you will probably have a great time using them! 



H1Z1 Aimbot is a tool used for the game. It offers simple yet impressive capability. Now, your every shot will end up, hitting an enemy. There is no need to aim or do anything similar. The tool will do this instead of you. If you are a new player or you just want the perfect score, this tool is an impressive development that should be considered. 

Another advantage of the tool is to save ammo. Literally speaking, you will hit one enemy using one bullet hence the ammo saving capability. Each hit will cause massive damage to the player. To maximize your killing potential, aim for the head. It is the most effective method with or without cheat to kill another player in the game.  




H1Z1 Wallhack ESP is precisely as the name suggests. You will be able to see through solid surfaces such as walls, buildings or anything else. For most players, this is precisely the hack they have been looking for. How you don’t have to worry about enemies surrounding you at any given moment. You can literally see them regardless of where they are and what they are doing.  

The hack is easy to install and once ready, it will give you the aforementioned benefit for indefinitely. Another benefit is the fact this hack cannot be detected! There are no massive code changing properties hence the hack can be used for a long period of time.  




H1Z1 is a new game, released 2 months ago and already it is reaching impressive capabilities. This means that you have tons of players to play with and you can expect a massive level of fun. With these cheats, you can maximize your fun and become a better gamer, period!  

FAQ – How to Setup & Run Cheats

  1. Run game
  2. Join a game battle royale
  3. Run cheat and click refresh button
  4. If you can’t open the hack you need to download .NET Framework 4.5.2
  5. .NET Framework 4.5.2 link:
  6. You can change settings when you start the hack or at settings.xml
  7. Current version 2.7
  8. Credits –
  9. Shadowzack (Original source)
  10. Marcus (Memory file)

Tricks and Secrets for H1Z1 Craft


H1Z1, like many other MMOs, especially with a survival component, includes crafting, as one of the basic mechanics that allows you to develop, improve your condition and get new weapons. And since in H1Z1 you will have to deal not only with dumb zombies but also with players, crafting things is one of the key ways to survive in the post-apocalyptic world.
Next, you will find the 10 most basic recipes.


Starting to play H1Z1 you will have five pieces of gauze. They can be used to quickly heal light wounds, but they end at the moment. Fortunately, you can tear your shirt, while receiving pieces of fabric. They can be turned into Bandages. Making one bandage consumes two pieces of fabric.


Although at the moment the H1Z1 card occupies only a third of Chernuzi from DayZ, you can still get lost here. Fortunately, you can make a Compass to better navigate. For this, you need a Piece of Metal and Pure Water. It can be made from scrap metal. Scrap metal can be obtained by hitting the car with a crowbar.


This weapon you can get for the first time minutes of the game, for hunting and protecting yourself.
To make Onions, you need a Piece of Cloth (tear a shirt), one Wooden Stick (mined from bushes). This bow is weaker than the Wooden Bow, but this is the beginning. Arrows can also be made from sticks.

Fire Drill (Bow Drill) 

Convenient device for lighting a fire to cook meat and purify water. You can make it from A Piece of Cloth, one Wooden Stick and One Wooden Board (you can get it by hitting the chest).


Useful item to close doors and windows, protecting you from zombies and people. For crafting, you need two Wooden Planks and four Nails (made from a Piece of Metal> Scrap Metal> Car Punch)


You will need two Wooden blocks, which can be obtained by cutting a tree with an Ax.
You can make bonfires in any place, but keep in mind that it will be easy to notice you.

Berry Juice (Blackberry Juice)

From the first minutes of playing H1Z1, you can start eating berries to improve your condition. But did you know that you can make Berry Juice? You will need five Berries and a bottle of Pure Water. This drink will quench your thirst.

Bags (Satchel) 

The bag holds only 300 points of weight, but only after starting the game, it will be enough to store basic things. It can also be pumped to the backpack. To make the bag, you will need six Pieces of Fabric, which can be obtained by tearing the shirt.

Knife (Combat Knife) 

If you already have a bow and you are ready to hunt deer, then first you need a knife to cut the carcass. Such a knife is made from a Wooden Stick and one Sheet of Metal. The sheet of metal is easiest to obtain by searching, but you can also make it yourself.

Torch (Torch)

If you’re tired of walking in the dark, you can make a torch to light the way ahead. Made from Twigs, one Piece of Fabric and one piece of Animal Fat. The first two can be obtained in the first minutes. Animal Fat is more difficult to obtain since for this you need to hunt. It drops out randomly.