faq how to download hacks

How to Run and download Aimbot and any Hacks & Cheats

In any of our articles there is a link to download launcher.

Password to archive – gh2018

On our site there is a huge amount of actual and working hacks and cheats, all of them are collected in our launcher, which simplifies working with any programs, as well as makes it possible not to use injectors.

In the launcher there are free and paid hacks.
Each paid hack contains a trial version, one hour is given to familiarize yourself with the functions and operability of the program (the key can be used only once, there is a binding to the HWID)

 How to download and run hacks

In most cases, the launcher will offer you to download the cheat if its current version exists, otherwise you will be warned if the hack is outdated oris it detected.

how to run aimbot


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