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GHB Launcher – FAQ, - Cheats & Hacks for PC, Android and iOS Games

How to Launch any Hacks & Cheats from GHB

In any of our articles there is a link to download launcher.

Password to archive – ghb2020


On our site there is a huge amount of actual and working hacks and cheats, all of them are collected in our launcher, which simplifies working with any programs, as well as makes it possible not to use injectors.

In the launcher there are free and paid hacks.
Each paid hack contains a trial version, one hour is given to familiarize yourself with the functions and operability of the program (the key can be used only once, there is a binding to the HWID)

Are there viruses in the cheat? [Miners / Stillers / Adware viruses, etc.]
GHB is the most popular reader in the Russian segment of the Internet.
We assured their trust.
Our reputation is widespread malware.
We support the free version! Private version of GHB.
There are no viruses in the cheat. Cheat is completely safe.

In most cases, the launcher will offer you to download the cheat if its current version exists, otherwise you will be warned if the hack is outdated oris it detected.

Are Scripts and Injectors allowed to use in Roblox?

This is a contentious issue, the user agreement clearly dictates the rules for using the service called Roblox, and if you modify the game files in any way with scripts, cheats and other things, it does not matter for the purpose of obtaining profit, or simply because you want to, you can not only lose your account, and also bear legal responsibility.

However, this applies more to those who sell file modification programs, the same Synapse X, it is already illegal in all senses of this word.

But they can only hold you accountable for the use of such files, provided that you publicly demonstrate the use of Exploits.
Videos, screenshots or other methods, and if you use these programs you are exclusively for personal use, the maximum you can get is an account lockout.

Whether or not to use cheats, exlips, and other modifications is up to you, however, we do not recommend trying to make a profit out of it, thank you all, these programs on our website are provided only for an approximate demonstration.



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