Legalese Сoncerning provides educational content to help people understand how toxic cheats are in games and how to complain about players using these programs. The use of game video, audio, and graphic content in this context is fair. We do not cause any financial harm to developers or publishers, since the demographic share of fraudsters is significant (from 2 to 5% and growing), and only the presence of cheats for the game makes a significant part of them even buy the game. However, if the developer or publisher of the game still feels that we are harming them, send us an email explaining the situation, and we will try to cooperate.

Legalese concerning Game Cheats Content

1 Any and all images and screenshots of games used on this page are used as a citation to illustrate cheats, what they look like and what they do, or what they could potentially do / look like, which is legal under swiss law. We claim no ownership of the original work.

2 Brand names, trademarks, logos and product names of games, their developers or publishers are merely referenced and they are the intellectual property of their respective owners. We claim no ownership for any of these IP’s, nor use them as our own brand.

There is no malware on the hiring site, as well as links to it!

What do we want

We want to provide honest and realistic information about game scribblers, game mods, bots and other methods of cheating in games so that they are still able to reach as many users and gamers as possible in order to keep them falling for fakes, people check frauds, non-working downloads and similar tricks that are played on naive gamers looking for game hacks online.

Our values

Honesty is very important to us. However, the sad reality of the Internet and Internet searches is that 100% honesty will not allow you to be successful. Given this reality, we need to show users the images and dreams that they want to see in order to try to show them the truth about what can actually be achieved when it comes to modding games, cheats and cheating tools.