League of Legends Scripts 

League of Legends Scripts Automates almost all actions in the game: automated farm and last minion hit, auto-deviation from enemy skills, using a combination of skills, ultimate on the enemy, automatic use of shields and items, healing allies, etc. Most of the actions manually with such speed is simply unrealistic.

Scripts updated under version 7.22 GL & HF

League of Legends Scripts 2018

League of Legends Scripts 2018

LoL Bots & Scripts 2018 | Free ?

In the open spaces of the network, it is easy to find a bot for LoL, just use your search engine. This miracle is called BoL Studio (Bot of Legends Studio).

There is a free version of the program, although the craftsmen made a paid, so-called VIP version for $ 10 per month, which they said gave us a separate functionality. The most useful vip function is the synchronized updates of the cheat with the game client, the bot will always be up to date, while the bot version will be updated only in a week for the FREE users.

Let’s see in more detail what kind of cheat it is. And immediately find the answer on the forum. In fact, the cheat is completely useless, and for its correct operation, we need special , which can again be found on the forums.

So much has been written on this topic, but it’s still not clear to us what it is. We give an example on the top script for Katharina (Katarina, The Sinister Blade). If your hands do not grow from the shoulders, then just hold down the “C” and move the cursor, and the character himself runs after him, harasit and lasthit creeps. If there is no opponent on the line, hold down the “V” – push the line. If we come out to gank, we press “G” – and we make a jump!

The most popular heroes with  are Zerat, Cassiopeia and Sindra at the mid

Lol Scripts 2018 free download

Privat All-in-one Scripts League of Legends VS Free Script


Of course, after you yourself tried these scripts and played with them, then in the pub it is easy to notice the players playing with them. Most of the  are in the public domain and can be played with them, there are paid  that are not very different, and they are not expensive.

For example, if you want to get into Diamond on news, while playing with one hand, you will enjoy the Evadeee script – allowing you to dodge skill shots. He uses both enchantments and skills to evade. Including flash. An Anya flips into you, flushes Tiber in, and you jump from your flush in your flush. There is such a pribluda 50 dollars, and for the Russian 3000 rubles.
SAC: R – sida auto carry – improves creep gloss, not a single  and helper can compare with it, but it costs only $ 10

Here are some more interesting scripts:

Base Ult – allows you to finish ultra opponents on the base after recol. Actually for these heroes of Jinx, Asha, Ezrael, Draven.

If you are greedy and do not want to buy Ewade, then Freaking Good Evade is suitable for you, it works of course through the stump of the deck.

I personally think that this is not sports and I recommend that you go to the off site RIOT and write a petition to the player. Otherwise, very soon in platinum there will be a huge number of bronze noobs. New hacks & cheats on the game-hack.biz