Point Blank / Project Blackout is a rather old shooter with a large audience of fans, the game has a pretty simple anti-cheat, which makes it possible to hack almost any aspect of the game, in this article we will consider what functions are present in the cheat, their types and how to install similar programs, and You can also download available on our website.

Main functions:


  • Chams , counter, dino, head, weapons
  • remove smoke, sky, fog
  • Jump hack
  • Coupons
  • Skills
  • Damage
  • Anti-recoil
  • anlimited cartridges
  • rate of fire
  • day
  • Teleport
  • speed hack

Aimbot Project Blackout

Point Blank has a fairly free guidance system, which allows you to squeeze maxim out of an aimbot. Automatic shot at any part of the body you choose, reducing recoil, smooth guidance and saving the coordinates of the hit.

You can also choose% hit, to reduce the chance of being blocked in the game.

Wallhack (ESP)

Wallhack – allows you to see your opponents through the walls, their weapons and where they look, perhaps in shooters, this ability is decisive, but not key.
ESP- has similar functions, only the display is on the minimap since it is not always convenient to look directly at the enemy.

Instructions for installing and configuring Cheats

To install cheats, we need any working injectors that will interfere with the game process.
Download the file attached to this article, this is our launcher, you will need to register in order to get a free key. This cheat began its work in 2014 and from that moment its work was constant and uninterrupted. A feature of this hack is its injection method. It is injected when the game is already running, which makes it possible to inject it after loading! Extreme Injector an example.

And now step by step.

  1. Download archive
  2. Install Launcher.exe
  3. Register
  4. Get the key
  5. Choose the cheat you need
  6. Follow the instructions directly in the launcher window.

You can also find an injector on our site in the desired category.


At the time of 2020, account blocking in Point Blank became massive, I do not advise you to use cheats in rating matches, but if you still have a desire, try to find private cheats.

Any generators and hacking VIP is a hoax, do not enter your data or they will be stolen!


Possible errors when starting Point Blank Cheats in Game and how to fix them 


Error “Code 2”

The error Point Blank “Code 2” means that Launcher cannot download the game client update file from the 4game server.


  1. Problems with the provider. There is no communication with the cdn.inn.ru server due to technical problems or incorrect hardware settings.
  2. Modified hosts file.
  3. Incorrectly configured security software.
  4. Using a proxy.

What should be done:

  1. Check hosts file – if you played on a pirated server, then this file can be modified by the pirated game client. Instructions are in the relevant topic.
  2. Configure anti-virus – add folders with the game and the Launcher to exceptions, disable filtering traffic to the nodes cdn.inn.ru and frostsecurity.net. The instruction is in the topic about configuring antiviruses.
  3. Check Internet Explorer settings – Instructions.

If the error persists, create a call to support with the subject “Launcher Code 2”, attach the list information in the call:

  1. Results of a network connection test (TestConnect.bat). The instruction is in the subject with the necessary files.
  2. The contents of the hosts file so that you can check for invalid entries.
  3. Antivirus name, screenshot with exception settings. If there is no antivirus, write about it.


Error “Code 3”

When you try to download or update the game, an error appears with the text “Code 3 Invalid Checksum”.

  1. Restart the computer, if the Launcher simply could not access the file, the error will disappear.
  2. Add folders with the game and the Launcher to the antivirus exceptions. Instructions for adding exceptions. Some game client files are packaged so that the antivirus cannot unpack them. If the security level is set to high, then access to the file will be blocked.
  3. Identify the problem file (it is indicated in the error message). If the file name changes every time, the hard disk may be damaged. Perhaps checking for errors or moving the game folder to another partition will help.
  4. If there is no antivirus, download and install the antivirus, and then check the computer for viruses, maybe they modify the game files, which causes this error.
  5. Russian letters are used on the way to the client, we recommend using only Latin letters.
  6. An invalid marker is set on the file \ folder. (For example, the file properties are set to “Read Only”).

If the error persists, then you need to provide the following information to the support:

  1. Screenshot of the error (required).
  2. Antivirus name, screenshot with exception settings. If there is no antivirus, write about it.
  3. Are the file names different in the error message, or is it always the same.
    Theme of the appeal: “Launcher Code 3”.

Known files causing this error:

hup.dll (RF Online) – you need to add the game folder to the antivirus exceptions (the file is packed).
sendmail.exe (all games) – check your computer with antivirus, maybe this executable file has been modified by a trojan or virus.

Error “Code 21002”

It turned out that the problem occurs with a weak connection to the Internet (3G modem, low-speed connections).

Options for solving the problem:

  1. Enter the game once with a normal connection, the problem will disappear.
  2. Disable Wallhack  programs that use Internet resources, and try to log in several times.
  3. Try to do as described in the topic about optimizing a 3G connection. Let us know if this helps.
  4. If you have a 3g modem, then try to return to the 3G coverage area. Because outside this zone, the modem is extremely unstable.

The main solution to the problem:

The main solution is to improve the quality of the connection (another provider, higher speed).


Certificate Verification Error:
The issuer certificate of a locally looked up certificate could not be found
The root CA certificate is not trusted for this purpose

Or The certificate for aimbot has expired

The problem with the certificate does not pose any danger to the computer and is not related to the Launcher or other errors of the game client. If there are no other errors, you can enjoy the gameplay.

What may cause the error:

Invalid date:

Check the date on the computer, pay special attention to the year

Incorrect locale settings:

  1. Open Hack control panel (Start-> Control Panel).
  2. In the control panel, open “Language and regional standards.”
  3. In the “Advanced” tab, select “Russian language for programs that do not support Unicode.”
  4. Save changes by clicking on the OK button.
  5. Check the date and time on your computer (pay attention to the year).
  6. Restart the computer.

A non-updated version of Windows (most often happens with Windows XP)
1) Install the certificate update for Windows XP from the Microsoft website (link)
2) Restart your computer

Expired certificate

  1. Start -> Run -> MMC
  2. In the menu, select the file -> add snap
  3. select certificates-> click add -> done -> ok
  4. We expand the list of certificates, select third-party root certificates
  5. We are looking for an expired certificate with the name Verisign