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Paladins Aimbot

Download Paladins Aimbot 2020. Our private hack includes an  on enemies which calculates the movement of the target and the ballistics of the bullet, a very high percentage of hit! A cheat will show all enemies and warn about those who are looking in your direction or have already sighted you. Also in the chit there is a radar, in the chap in the chit for paladins will show enemies \ traps \ grenades \ turrets, etc. Many other visual settings for every taste. The No Recoil and No Spread function completely disables the recoil and spread of the weapon, which gives a 100% chance of hitting the target.

D3D MultiHack Paladins:


D3D MultiHack Paladins

D3D MultiHack is a paladins cheat that goes both on the Steam version and on the regular version of the game and has several excellent functions at once.


  • WallHack Chams – all opponents textures are painted completely red and you see them through the walls, and allies textures turn green, and you also see them through the walls
  • Aimbot – is a function by which your cursor automatically, without your help, will be directed at opponents
  • AutoShoot – a function that will automatically shoot for you as soon as your sight is aimed at the enemy

First instruction:

  1. First, we do everything according to this instruction to block the EAC – link to the article.
  2. Download the archive with the and find the file “PhysXUpdateLoader.dll” and the folder “Stuff” there.
  3. Then go to the folder with the game “Paladins” and find the folder “Win32” there.
  4. If you have a client version of the game, then the path to this folder is “.. \ Hi-Rez Studios \ HiRezGames \ paladins \ Binaries \ Win32 \”, if you have a Steam version, then the path is “.. \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Paladins \ Binaries \ Win32 \ “.
  5. We transfer our file “PhysXUpdateLoader.dll” and the “Stuff” folder there and launch the game, in the game itself we press the “Insert” key to enable the hack.

The second instruction:

  • We also download the archive from the topic and find the file “PhysXUpdateLoader.dll” there, it needs to be moved to C: \ Windows \
  • In the game, in order to turn on the , click “Insert”; use the corresponding arrows to control and navigate.
  • A recommendation for those who want to use Aimbot: you need to turn off the health of allies, this is done so – go to settings -> gameplay -> and turn off “always show the health of players.”
  • Attention, even though cheat is undetected, it is not recommended to use it on personal accounts.

Paladins “Megahack”

  1. Open the options.ini file and in the [Game] point you need to specify the path to the Paladins.exe file The default is my  :\ Games \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Paladins \ Binaries \ Win32 \ Paladins.exe my path.
  2. Change it to your own and save options.ini
  3. Run Hack
  4. Start the game, the chaet window should appear
Paladins Aimbot 2020 | Download Paladins Hacks & Cheats
5. If there is such a window, then everything is fine. Select features and click “Load Options”
Just below the Triggerbot, there is a “Set key” button, this button for assigning the activation button. You click the Set key button with the mouse and then you press ALT, for example. Everything! Now that the trigger would fire, you need to hold down the ALT button. The button can be reassigned to any other, such as a shot button for download Paladins Aimbot 2020.
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