Project Cerberus PUBG Mobile Hack Bypass

Project Cerberus – Unlock all your blocked hosts.
Install a compatible version of Xposed. (default setting, not through recovery) Reboot
Enter Cerberus
Activate the module. reboot
Run the Cerberus and click the bypass button. Give it root access.
Subsequently restart the emu manually.
In order to make sure that the module itself is working, launch Cerberus every time before launching PUBG Mobile. *

FAQ: How to correctly upgrade the Guard up to the most recent version?

1. Look for the previous version and reboot the pc.
2. Install the latest version.
3. Transfer to Xposed, mark the node (or uncheck the check mark and mark its presence to the installation above and the most previous version)
4. Expand Cerberus, make the newest person and press the bypass key
5. Reboot

Is the unit Cerberus 1.1 more correct than Cerberus X.X? Does the unit have to be updated continuously until the most recent version after its release?
If the old version functions well for the purpose of you, it is in no way necessary to develop it, if you do not want to test certain newest functions or devious methods.
Need a unit to change its own form and manufacturer?

Change of modification and manufacturer is not mandatory. If you feel yourself harmless, change them.My video graphics are blurred / bumpy
Change the solution in 1080p and / or change the phone.xml specifications to valid.
How to correct a scroll misspell?

You can try upgrading LDPlayer right up to the final version and / or try to activate the fun with the support of the Cerberus run pubgm label.
Classic or research bypass order?

There are no big differences between the data, the research simply forges something else that prevents access to sensitive files to the most profound degree, for this reason, at a theoretical level, someone must be the most harmless.

A classic closer to version 1.1 of Cerberus, the beloved is elementary and has only the smallest functionality needed in order to bypass the revealing bird.
Both orders are provided for the purpose of activity in LD, TGB, Memu.
The author owns the research order and is very pleased with it.

Installation instructions and where to download:


1) Download the installer from here: Before the update, the link has been deleted
2) Run it and specify the path to the root folder of the game (for example, C: \ Program Files \ GHB Online)
3) Install there
4) A shortcut should appear on the desktop with our program.
5) We get here the key to the program:
6) To learn how to use, take a look at the readme in the program.
7) If there is no shortcut on the worker, the program itself is in the game folder.



In Future: 

1) Make a hot key (done)
2) normal folding to tray (did)
3) new design (done)
4) window search (implemented in version 1.4, for working with several windows at once and for working with numbered windows)
5) Setting a rollback for cans independently (done)
6) Introduction of SpidHaka (in plans)
7) Introduction of WallHack (in plans)
8) Introducing ChatHack (in plans)
9) Introduction of additional modules and subroutines
Download Project Cerberus 1.4.2 Project Cerberus 1.4.2- PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Hacks 


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