PUBG Aimbot, Wallhack, ESP


PUBG  Hacks – Aimbot, ESP, Misc  

PUBG is one of the fastest-growing shooting games all around the world. That being said, the competition is increasing day by day, more players are joining and becoming experienced. Since, the game has become tough, how about taking some shortcuts and use some hacks? Well, that would be a very handful for a new player and even for an experienced gamer as well. PUBG is available for android, IOS and as well as for PC.

Now the question arises, is it even possible to cheat in PUBG? 

The answer is yes, it is definitely possible. Cheats and hacks, for example, aimbots, wallhacks, Misc are available. Nevertheless, let me tell you, there is no possible hack or cheat for getting BP, XP, cash or getting crates for rare items so do not fall for it if you find it anywhere online because it will be a scam.  

PUBG Aimbot 

It can be frustrating and even difficult to aim from a long distance. Let us say for example if you have got a sniper such as AWM with the greatest x8 scope and still, if you are unable to shoot your enemy then there would be no use of that AWM. Your aim must be accurate to shoot the enemy in one shot. To make things easier, the auto-aiming hack is available. The auto-aiming mods and maps are available that will automatically aim the enemy accurately and shoot him or her. This kind of hack is very rare, this might be due to various reasons such as, not many people know about it and it is not widely available.  

In order to get this hack on your PUBG, we would recommend you “PUBG Mobile Aimbots. It is advised that you do not use any other mods as Tencent, operator of PUBG  will likely detect them. In addition, even if you are using “PUBG  aimbots” do not use them excessively, as you might steal other player’s chances of winning.  

ESP and WallHack 

Whenever you jump from an airplane to land, the first thing you do it run inside buildings or houses to collect guns, ammo, protective clothing, bag and much more. Sometimes, you may waste your time wandering in a building and find nothing special. Well, to save you time there is a Pubg wallhack. The Wall Hack on PUBG  will allow you to see through the walls, meaning that from outside you will be able to see what is inside the building. This does not only help you get the best loot but also enables you to see the enemies that might be hiding inside that particular house or building.  

This wallhack will allow you to survive for a longer period of time and thus, you will be able to earn more BP and XP. The wallhack comes in the form of a modded APK or even IOS mod. This wallhack is also rare to find and the chances of getting blocked or detected using this hack are also minimal is you do not use it excessively.  


Have you ever seen a flying car in PUBG? No, I am not talking about the flying helicopter but a flying car. Yes, that is possible too. There are cheats for flying a car in PUBG. You can fly the car and shoot your enemies from the sky.  

We often find ourselves, jumping to cross the small walls, but have you ever considered, jumping high enough to reach a house’s rooftop? Well, that is possible too using a High Jump cheat. This cheat will enable you to jump high to reach on top of houses and even dodge your enemy’s bullets.  

Another cheat for PUBG  is No recoil combined with No spread. This cheat makes the guns have no recoil, which then stops the movement of the crosshair, and the recoil is not displayed on the player’s screen.  


FAQ – How to download and install 

If you search the internet, there will be many websites claiming that they have hacks and cheats for you to install. Some might as well as you to verify if you are a human, make you fill a survey or even ask for money to provide you with authentic cheats and hacks. However, do not fall for these frauds, as they are not real.  

Instead of these, you should look for trusted sources such as, (insert a trusted source) to get your hacks.  

The hacks come in the form of a mod, which is short for a modified file. These mods contain a menu, which allows you to choose the kind of hack you want to turn on for that particular game.  

Before operating or using these hacks, it is advised that you make another account and use it as a trial to check whether the Tencent games are able to detect them or not. Once you think that the mod was not detected, you can use it on your main account.  

In addition to that, let me remind you that apps such as a game guardian, lucky patcher, and freedom apk might also be giving out mods but these mods get detected by Tencent games and will get your account disabled so do not use these.  

Now that you know great cheats and hacks for PUBG, you can use these to make your way up in the game. Challenge your friends and make them wonder about your newly acquired skills. Make sure not to abuse these hacks or cheats as the Tencent system might detect excessive usage. Not to mention, these hacks are just for some fun.

Tactics and Strategies for Game with Cheats

  • Any newbie guide for Playerunknown`s Battlegrounds will say: big cities are a dangerous place to start, but there is almost always a good loot there. So land in villages to increase your chances – it’s better to choose a place where a bunch of buildings are next to each other. See this guide for more detailed instructions.
  • The most useful things in the game are assault rifles, which, for obvious reasons, are good in almost any situation; backpack; body armor; first aid kits and a helmet – the higher the level of these things, the better.
  •  At the beginning of the round, all doors on the map are closed. If you see an open door, then there was someone in this building. Or is there still … A closed door, by the way, does not mean that the building is empty – there may be an ambush.
  • Your hero begins to take damage from falling from a height of the second floor.
  • If someone shoots at you from afar and you don’t understand where from, don’t go to bed! So you become easy prey. Instead, zigzag to any hideout. You need to get away from the field of view of the enemy. Otherwise, death. A great chance is to run over the hill.
  • Once inside the building, first check it from the bottom to the top, and only then take the loot. Often people lose their heads when they see a bunch of trunks on the ground, start frantically collecting everything – and get a fraction of the shot in the back. Here is a visual video that shows how this happens:
  • If you are fighting with several opponents, ignore those who are disconnected – they won’t rise without the help of a friend (this advice is for those who play in Duo or Squad mode). Concentrate on those who are still running.
  • Cars help to travel long distances, but they attract a lot of attention with their noise. Use wisely.
  •  Do not park the car on a hill – it will slowly roll down and explode when it crashes into something. If you are inside a car that rushes towards something solid, then brake sharply! Do not jump on the go – such a feint with your ears will eat all your health.
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