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What is a PUBG hack?

Cool working PUBG Lite hacks – MultiHack with a good set of necessary functions to enhance your shooting skills, as well as to see opponents through game textures. With such a set, it is not surprising that you will always remain the last survivor without any difficulties.

All our private hacks are of high quality and reliability. Even once, when updating the game, the cheat did not refuse to work, and the players did not get banned. Our private easily bypasses battleye, which guarantees you protection against ban in the game Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds LITE.

What are cheats and macros ?

No need auto star macros will no longer hinder you, because our hack has tremendous functionality and fully customizable configurations. Private cheat GreenHack for PUBG LITE will suit absolutely everyone! If you want to destroy – connect the built-in killer template. Do you want to simply raise the level of the game and so that it does not interfere too much with the gameplay? Highlighting loot, chams (replacing the textures of objects with a bright golden color that can be seen for many miles), triggerbot (shoots when you aim) will help to qualitatively adjust your game.

Key features of Hacking PUBG Lite

  1. Auto-update – the program is updated automatically
  2. There are no extra files – the hack does not need to be installed, it is already ready to work after activation
  3. Fully customizable program – you can change absolutely everything, from fonts to colors
  4. ESP, TriggerBot, AUTOAIM, MapHack, noRecoil, noColision, chams, superkill … A huge number of functions
  5. Automatic templates – make your program settings and change them at your convenience
  6. Ease of use – the cheat is very easy to use and has automatic modes that you can switch to your convenience
  7. Technical support – we are always ready to answer any of your questions!

1. Aim – a powerful enough Aimbot, capable of killing the enemy very accurately at any distance. It is enough just to have time to press the shot and the enemy will be defeated.

2. WH – definitely the most important function that will give you a huge advantage. No matter who is from the enemy, you will always watch him on your screen through any textures, whether he is in the house or somewhere else.

3. CAP – each player will be shown some information nearby. This is a green bar indicating the standard of living.


Assault rifles

SKAR-L (Without modules With arrester With compensator)
M416 (Without modules With flame arrester With compensator)
M16A4 (Without modules With flame arrester With compensator)
AKM (Without modules With flame arrester With compensator)
QBZ-95 (Without modules With arrester With compensator)
G36 (Without modules With flame arrester With compensator)
MK47 Mutant (Without modules With flame arrester With compensator)

Sniper rifles

SKS (Without modules With flame arrester With compensator)
SLR (Without modules With flame arrester With compensator)
QBU (Without modules With arrester With compensator)
Mini14 (Without modules With flame arrester With compensator)
VSS (Without modules With flame arrester With compensator)

Submachine guns

UMP (Without modules With arrester With compensator)
Vector (Without modules With flame arrester With compensator)

How to run PUBG Hack?

  1. Run the game
  2. In the folder with the hack, open the file ProcInjector.exe
  3. Find the gameplay: PUBGLite-Win64
  4. By right-clicking on it, select Miscellaneous, then Inject DLL and specify the  file itself: MakeCheatZ.dll
  5. Done. Now you can play)


Download PUBG Lite Hacks & Macros (Aimbot, WH, noRecoil)