Booga Booga Hacks are scripts and exploits that allow you to gain an advantage in the game, check out the video, which clearly describes the main functions and how to use these programs.

Error 148 in Booga Booga , How to fix it?

Error 148 sometimes appears among players after updating or installing Roblox incorrectly. Some users advise simply to clean the computer from unnecessary files using additional programs or deleting the Temp folder. AND
sometimes it really helps, but in most,it doesn’t affect the game itself.

Bug Fix 148

To restore Roblox on Windows, you need to do the following: Go to the “Control Panel”. On new versions, this can be done using a regular right-click on the “Start”;
In the display settings, put “Categories”; Click on the title of the section “Network and Internet”; Go to “Browser Properties” – Advanced; The button “Return InternetExplorer settings” will appear at the bottom; Click on “Reset Settings”;
Go to the site and select the map you like – start the game. Also, for security reasons, a reboot may be required.
Open game is advised using the shortcut, which is located in the installation folder. If this does not help, then maybe you should wait for the next update of the game.

Dupes in Booga

Cheats with dupes – cheats for those who want everything and a lot. Have you ever wondered how to get a lot of things, but without asking them from the players or buying them on server sites? The answer is very simple. These are cheats with dupes. These cheats will work on regular servers, and on projects with mods, such as StreamCraft server lololoshki.

Thanks to these cheat clients, you will never have few resources, since with just one diamond you can turn it into whole mountains of diamond blocks and become the best player on the server even in the first minutes after a wipe. On mini-games, they will also be useful. Since during the shootings, you, as well as many others, may not have enough arrows. But thanks to these cheats, you will be able to achieve victory by splitting out a full inventory of a pair of arrows, which will allow you to thoroughly ridicule your enemy.

Roblox Codes

“Onett” usually shares promo codes in different places of the game, in his Roblox group, in his “Twitter”. In addition, we observed how he posted several codes on his profile page. In any case, these codes stop working after a while, and players cannot use them after the code expires. Nevertheless, we checked all the codes available from these sources and made a list of all working codes.

Many features are available in this cheat, such as Auto Dig, Teleport, Farm Pollen, etc.

Where to download Booga Booga Script Executor

You can download the Script Executor for Roblock at the end of the article, this is our launcher when registering in Kotor you get access to many interesting cheats for a wide variety of games.

  1. Download launcher
    Get a free key
    Select the desired script
    Follow the instructions in the launcher itself.
  2. We remind you that most of the scripts and cheats presented in the launcher are third-party programs, which means that we are not responsible for the fact that any of you use them, as well as for what consequences will await for use.