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Multi Roblox allows you to open the game in a variety of windows; optimizing the process itself allows you to run more than 20 gaming sessions on weak computers. Download Multiple RBX Games and try how convenient. In almost every (mostly online) game – there is a need to open 2 or more windows.

Often, lancers, protective systems (guards / anti-cheats) – do not allow this to be done.
For a specific game, special patches are usually written, quacked Exe-sheiks and lancers.
With the release of new versions of the game/programs – this becomes obsolete, if the authors of the patches “clog”, then the method dies.

How to play on Multiple accounts at the same time?

Multiple Roblox

Surely, you sometimes wanted to launch several  clients. This would simplify a lot of routine work. Many mods in the game are directed to the farm, and this is quite a boring occupation, with Multi Roblox you save your time on boring exercises.

Attention! You need to force Windows to not disconnect the network when switching users.

  1. To do this, start Start> “Run (Win + R)”> regedit.
  2. We find and open the following category:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon
  3. Right-click and select New> String Parameter
  4. Name: KeepRasConnections
  5. Type: REG_SZ
  6. Value: 1
  7. Now you can close the site editor.

How to wind Robux  Roblox?

A cheat  for money from our site is very popular because with it you can get anything. In addition, it works stably and without restrictions, which means that you can always use all its functions, cheat yourself and friends with free robots, fly and run fast in the game, and also do many other things that are not available to other players.

Ice Cream Codes Free


The code we have prepared for you applies to Spooky-ICE-CREAM-SIMULATOR. Ice cream codes in Roblox are very diverse and there are a lot of them in various forums. To facilitate the search for the one that you need at the moment, we decided to collect them in one place. To get a certain number of tokens, enter a specific codeword:

Frozen – 200 coins; fail – 500 tokens; fail2 – 1000; scaru – 500; dragons – 1000.

These codes are publicly available and their validity is not limited in time. The administration does not prohibit the use of them, so feel free to take them into service. Thanks to the latest update of the Ice Cream Simulator version, new types of pets have appeared in the game. Now there are five more. In addition, the developers took care of the delicacy for them, so now users can choose sweets for them. As for the appearance of the card, it also underwent some changes. All details have become more elaborate and bright. The store, where players shop for ice cream, has expanded. Now the choice is so wide that finally deciding on what you want to put in your horn has become even more difficult.





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