Legends of Speed script

Hack Legends of Speed Script Auto Farm 2019

At the beginning of a virtual adventure Legends of Speed Script, a player appears on a treadmill near a teleport. After passing, which character can farm experience. Users play in a big city, with tall buildings, a wide variety of graphic decorations. The leaderboard automatically tracks how much time the player has spent on the server (in minutes).

What are the scripts in Roblox for?

Scripts in Roblox are a pretty easy way to save time or get the most out of the mode. Scripts allow you to do almost anything with the game data, generate currency, change models, launch bots and create total mess, on the one hand it makes the game more interesting for you, and on the other, you ruin the game for everyone else. Use scripts or not, you decide, download the free version at the end of the article.


  • Auto Farm
  • EXP
  • Auto collect Orbs
  • Unlimited Steps

Hack Legends of Speed Script Auto Farm 2019


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