Roblox Nonsense Diamond 1.9 Exploit

Nonsense Diamond 1.9 exploits this is the best compilation of actual hacks for roblox, in it you will find thousands of modifications for various games. Best Scripts and constantly updated core cheat

Download Nonsense diamond 1.9 mega
Roblox Nonsense Diamond 1.9 Exploit

Script Functions:

Many game users may initially not understand how the cheat works in Mad City. Each extension has its own set of scripts, and the script, in turn, performs a specific function.

  • NOCLIP – allows the hero to pass through obstacles, including walls.
  • AUTO-ARREST – a script that allows the hero-policeman to detain villains and get coins.
  • ANTI-REPORT – makes the hero invisible.
  • SPEED – increases the speed of the character.
  • FLY CAR – allows the hero’s car to take off.
  • GIVE GANS – gives you the opportunity to get any weapon.
  • SuperHero Simulator
  • Mining Sim Hack
  • Jailbreaker
  • Island Royale GUI
  • Jailbreak GUI
  • Phantom Forces Aimbot
  • Lua C Basic Commands
  • Limited Lua Scripts
  • Unjailbreak
  • Lua C Game Commands
  • Snowman Simulator
  • Unlimited texts
  • Fame Simulator Script Package
  • Ropiece Script
  • Vehicle Simulator GUI
  • AutoFarm Ninja Masters


How do any injectors work?

  1. For this you need to revert the game
  2. make a spoofer for the game
  3. create a dll injector
  4. recognize (decompile or understand how server scripts work in the server cache)
  5. Learn how to submit any requests (let’s say money would appear), about 5 servers are needed, the two servers have different clients
  6. update the project every month (everything will be paid every month) since there are updates in the game (in the application client)

Even more “true” way. Because the game can leave entries in the registry, in files. It may even change its code. Therefore, it is best to run the game on another computer. But if there is no other computer? Yes, and we agreed to launch a second window on the same.
This method will only work on powerful computers (you need at least 1 GB of RAM).
A virtual machine emulates the operation of a real computer in an already installed OS.
So, we need to install the necessary operating system on the virtual machine, download the game on it and just run it.

How many Robux can I get?

Robux can be credited in almost any quantities, there are no restrictions on this, but, we still recommend that they are credited in the amount necessary. For example, you decide to buy a mega animation package and it costs 250 Robux, just wind up as much and then if you want something else, wind up again as much as you need.

You can download a handy GUI for roblox scripts, from the links below. Any hacks on our site are absolutely free, and are collected in one launcher for convenient use. How to play on Multiple Roblox accounts at the same time?




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