Phantom Forces GUI PFX

Phantom Forces Aimbot GUI PFX

Phantom Forces Aimbot GUI PFX – Aimbot with improved protection, the maximum percentage of flailing and the absence of errors, lags. Fine tuning and unique GUI, try one of the first. Instructions for downloading, configuring and operating are given below, the best solutions and running scripts on the fly.

How to use scripts?

To run any scripts, you will need an executor there are quite a lot of them at the moment, no one can tell you which one is better, but you can compare them yourself.


Check out all the features of this cheat. Speedhack will allow you to exceed the maximum speed limit, this improvement does not always work stably, however it is the best hack at the moment, it bypasses all unnecessary processes.

A super-jump is also available, it works like loading multiple jumps simultaneously simulating the presence of a plane even in the air, quite a convenient feature

And of course, Aimbot, a complete domination with an aftomatic hit, adjusting the scatter, choosing a part of the body to hit and no reloading, all this is wrapped in a beautiful GUI and convenient launch. Access is both a free version with a limited operating time and a paid, full version.

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