Download ProtoSmasher Scripts Executor

ProtoSmasher – Download the free version of the new executor script. Flexible interface settings, adjust the necessary options, windows and mastabs for you. Use all the variability of the collected functions, constant support, and an active discord with many live participants. Many free versions cannot compare with private executives, which allow you to change settings on the fly and save script configurations as you like, read the instructions in the video and at the end of the article you will find a file.

ProtoSmasher is updated after some unpleasant cases with massive blocking of players who used this software, at the moment the protection has become better and more stable than ever, and we also provide a free, trial version, which you can download below.


  • Intuitive interface with easy setup
  • A huge number of new, previously unused functions
  • The best protection system, white sheet, data protection.
  • Automating the process of launching several scripts after starting the game, you no longer need to spend time downloading all the scripts.
  • Compatible with any operating systems
  • Uses DirectX, which simplifies the load and launch of the program.

Instructions for installing and running Hacks & Cheats

  1. Launch Roblox
  2. Turn off mouse acceleration and enable direct connection for the correct operation of aimbot and compensation
  3. Without going to the server, run cheat (* .exe) as administrator.
  4. Wait for the digit 0 in the cheat. This means that the cheat is running and all functions are disabled.
  5. Go to the server.
  6. To enable functions, use the keys F3, F4, F6, F7, F8 and F9 or those that are assigned in the settings.

How to use in Roblox

In the category of questions about how to use Roblox, the most common is the problem of getting free Robux. We devoted an entire article to this, from several points, guided by which you can get domestic currency without the participation of bank cards. The next popular question will be how to create clothes for your character. In order for you to have such an opportunity, you must go to the official website of the game from your computer. This is important because smartphones do not have this feature. At the top of the screen, the Create button will be displayed in capital letters, click on it. She will send you to the Roblox Studio app. It is thanks to her that users have the opportunity to produce their own clothing lines and much more. Once it starts, you can take a training course in order to master some of the subtleties of this activity.




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