Proxo – script executor with cute GUI and powerful function fort LUA for Jailbreak, Mad City Phantom Forces, in terms of functionality, it is very inferior to the private versions of Synapse, but you can use it, however, the mass launch of scripts, premade, launch from several windows and support for stable skins in Roblox are not supported.

Actual at the time of 2020, February. If you have problems with the launch or any other, write in the comments your questions and suggestions. Download on the GHB.

proxo 2020

How to use Proxo Exploit ?

Quite simply, you just need to find the necessary scripts, turn on the game and Proxo itself, select the Roblox.exe process, in the cheats menu and press inject, and then insert the desired script.

Launch Instructions:

  1. Download the archive with our lanucher
  2. Unzip to a convenient folder
  3. Receive a free key in the mail
  4. Activate our GHB Lanucher
  5. After selecting the desired hack, download it
  6. Read the startup instructions.
  7. Hail exactly as described in the pictures.

If you have any problems with the launch, write to the post office or in the comments.


You should not become too impudent and constantly run around the map at great speed. It is better to do this discreetly so that no one will notice. If the account is of serious value, then you do not need to play on it with extraneous programs. You just need to create another profile, which will not be a pity to lose.

Activate these functions only at your own risk, because they work very noticeably:

  • flight. A character flying in the air is hard to miss;
  • huge jumps will immediately give out an unfair player;
  • The goal is pretty obvious, especially if you keep an eye on the enemy’s sight. On some cards this can be done;
  • a passage through the walls shows that this character is definitely using some kind of third-party software.

No need to turn on everything at the same time – it will catch the eye. Such a person can be kicked from the server or even banned forever, especially on jailbreak. Other people should be treated respectfully and try not to be frowned upon: they can send several complaints about the cheater profile. And they will easily do this if provoked. But if you use the cheat very carefully, then the risk is almost minimal and you don’t need to be too afraid.





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