Royale High Unlimited Diamond Script Hack | Roblox

Download Royale High Diamond Hack There are restrictions on the generation of diamonds, to avoid account blocking, follow the instructions in the instructions.
No, alas, it will not give you an infinite number of diamonds, but will significantly increase their number.


Do not use royale high diamond generators it’s just a hoax, these sites generators want to get data from your accounts, that’s all.

You can download this script by the buttons below, all downloads from our site are absolutely free and the password for the archive is indicated in the name of the archive itself, good luck.


At the moment, the main functions are saved, but are not used in full volume. In the next updates we will fix all the problems. For a successful installation, follow the instructions after launching the launcher, which contains all the hacks from our site. And we also advise you to read the instructions on working with our launcher (fixed post on the main page) This will simplify navigation and work with all of our programs.

Installation Instructions

Its functionality is quite flexible and the player can enable or disable the utility at the right time. In the window itself, you can reassign keys to make control convenient. But do not touch the keys used by Roblox itself, because then the assigned functions will not work and you will have to restart the program.

  1. download the file to any place: you can to the desktop;
  2. unzip it; Password: ghb2020
  3. turn on the program, but do not press anything;
  4. we go into roblox;
  5. click “Run”;
  6. if everything went well, a special menu with different options will appear in the game window.

Are Scripts and Injectors allowed to use in Roblox?

This is a contentious issue, the user agreement clearly dictates the rules for using the service called Roblox, and if you modify the game files in any way with scripts, cheats, and other things, it does not matter for the purpose of obtaining profit, or simply because you want to, you can not only lose your account, and also bear legal responsibility.

However, this applies more to those who sell file modification programs, the same Synapse X, it is already illegal in all senses of this word.

But they can only hold you accountable for the use of such files, provided that you publicly demonstrate the use of Exploits.
Videos, screenshots or other methods, and if you use these programs you are exclusively for personal use, the maximum you can get is an account lockout.

Whether or not to use cheats, exploits, and other modifications is up to you, however, we do not recommend trying to make a profit out of it, thank you all, these programs on our website are provided only for an approximate demonstration.



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