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Trigon – Roblox Exploit | Download, - Cheats & Hacks for PC, Android and iOS Games


Download Trigon roblox exploit with best support, and updates. If you want to use your capabilities in Roblox and Omax, you need this exploit, with it you can change the rules of the game.

Trigon roblox hack

Loadstring HttpGet & GetObjects

Trigon supports Full Loadstring with GetObjects & HttpGet With daily updates, you can live by your own rules on Roblox any day.

Lua Script Executor

is one of the best Roblox lua scripts ever made! can run almost the entire script. It can run such scripts as ‘Infinite Yield’, ‘c00lkidd gui’, ‘Ro-Xploit’ and others.


Cool Roblox Exploit user interface. It also has many features that another Exploit does not have.

New execution method and updates

It takes just a few seconds to introduce. In addition, Roblox is updated every Wednesday. . We promise that you will receive a corrected  within 12 hours after each update.

You can download this script by the buttons below, all downloads from our site are absolutely free and the password for the archive is indicated in the name of the archive itself, good luck.

How do any injectors work?

  1. For this you need to revert the game
  2. make a spoofer for the game
  3. create a dll injector
  4. recognize (decompile or understand how server scripts work in the server cache)
  5. Learn how to submit any requests (let’s say money would appear), about 5 servers are needed, the two servers have different clients
  6. update the project every month (everything will be paid every month) since there are updates in the game (in the application client)

Of all the toys examined, I found a really serious vulnerability in only 1 (though I didn’t spend a lot of time on almost 1): in many toys of this kind, solo dungeons are calculated offline, but only in this game this drop goes away to the server and is saved there. As a result, it turned out to completely replace the drop in the dungeon, having uploaded my version of the sqlite database, after which I got 20 VIPs, a bunch of diamonds, all kinds of junk, a ban, a report to support, a promise to transfer the bug to the developers and the subsequent fix. They even said thanks, it was nice.).

Installation Instructions

Its functionality is quite flexible and the player can enable or disable the utility at the right time. In the window itself, you can reassign keys to make control convenient. But do not touch the keys used by Roblox itself, because then the assigned functions will not work and you will have to restart the program.

  1. download the file to any place: you can to the desktop;
  2. unzip it; Password: gh2018
  3. turn on the program, but do not press anything;
  4. we go into roblox;
  5. click “Run”;
  6. if everything went well, a special menu with different options will appear in the game window.

Trigon Roblox Exploit



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