Visuality – New roblox exploit

Visuality – a new exploit with the ability to run a huge number of scripts, threads to run multiple windows, support for Lua, personalization, as well as a free mode for testing.


Roblox exploits for and their implementation in Visuality

Scripts are commands that are executed within the game process, setting specific decisions, simplifying the game, and making it possible to create any models, skins, and characteristics.

Exploits are a subset of malware. They contain data or executable code that could exploit one or more vulnerabilities in software on a local or remote computer.

For example, you have a browser, and there is a vulnerability in it that allows you to execute “arbitrary code”, that is, install and run some malicious program on your system without your knowledge or provoke any other system behavior you do not expect. More often than not, the first step of the attackers is an increase in privileges that allows you to do everything in the attacked system that comes into your head.

How to install and download Visual exploit?

  1. Download the archive
  2. Unzip it to a folder convenient for you
  3. Launch our site launcher
  4. select the desired game
  5. in the List of scripts and exploit
  6. Specify the path to the folder

How to use

The platform of the cube world is gaining enormous popularity, so the question of how to use  can be heard more and more often. That is why in this article we will answer the most common questions that relate to this site. Surely everyone knows that you must be a registered user. In this case, the character will have much more open access for free. If you went through this process, then we invite you to this unusual Universe, where each player is of great value.





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