total lockdown aimbot hack

Total Lockdown Aimbot Hack

New cyber punk fps game Total Lockdown Aimbot test version of hacking, try one of the first, the functionality will be expanded, at the moment the cheat is free and you can download hack it from the links at the end of the article.

Functions Lockdown  Hack


  • Bone Selection (choice of aiming, head / chest / pelvis)
  • FOV limiter (limiting the viewing angle of the aim)
  • Aim At Players (Guidance on players)
  • Aim At Animals
  • Aim At Helicopter (helicopter hovering)
  • No Spread (Disables bullet spread)
  • No Sway (Turns off the swing sight)
  • No Recoil (Turns off returns)
  • Aim Key Selection (Aimbota activation button)

Player ESP: (Shows enemies: Nicky, distance, squares, silhouettes, and lives)

  • Names (shows nicks)
  • Health (Shows life)
  • Distance (Shows distance to enemies)
  • Weapon (Shows weapons in hands)
  • 2D Boxes (2D squares)
  • 3D Boxes (3D squares)
  • Skeletons (Shows silhouettes)
  • Sleepers (Shows sleeping)
  • Customizable colors and display distance of enemies

NPC ESP: (Animal and other NPC)

  • Names (shows nicks)
  • Health (Shows life)
  • Distance (Setting the display distance)
  • Custom Colors (Customize color)

Misc ESP:

  • Show Tool Cupboard (Shows cabinets)
  • Show Resources (shows resources)
  • Show Helicopter (Shows helicopter)
  • Show Airdrops (Shows air drop)
  • Show Building Cabinets (Shows Building Cabinets)
  • Show Storage Boxes (Shows Boxes)
  • Show Resources Collectors (Shows all resources)
  • Show Appliances
  • Show Lootables (Shows loot, crates and containers with loot)
  • Show Flora (Shows all plants)
  • Show Dropped Items (Shows abandoned items)
  • Show Corpses (Shows corpses)
  • Fully customizable colors and display distance for each item


  • Custom Crosshair (Adjustable in size and color)
  • Friendlist (Adding players to the list of friends, so that the aimbot would not work for them)
  • Change the menu button
  • Turn off the read on the convenient button (Panic key)
  • Displays the coordinates of your position.
  • AdminCam (camera for viewing loot in homes and not only)

Anti-cheat bypass:

  • GameWer Undetected
  • VAC / EAC Undetected


If you have problems installing the hack, our technical support will gladly help you.



We are consistently releasing updates and modernizing injection methods. We call DrawCall on top of the game, bypassing the Total Lockdown process. Our cheat is impossible to detect.

The popular wisdom, paraphrased on the web language, says: “it’s not the cheater that is punished, but the burnt gamer”. Indeed, you are sure that your opponent does not use cheats for Total Lockdown Hacks No – therefore, it is time to take the antidote. The only panacea is to buy a private hack for Total Lockdown Remorse is not the best helper in the world where you need to survive. Here all means are good for victory. It is important to remember that only silly mice eat free delicacy.
Download Total Lockdown Hacks


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