WoW SpeedHack 1.12.1 (cheats for World of Warcraft 1.12.1)

Wow hacks has become popular 1.12.1-1.12.2 and as you know, the popular company wowemuhacker started releasing its speed hack on wow only after WowBk 2. *. * – 3. *. *, Therefore, you can hardly find this hack somewhere …
I decided to lay out my find, maybe someone will need … on the screen I designated these functions: In full news …



1) The speed hack itself allows you to move quickly …
2) Turn off the speed hack
4) Everyone ever penetrated into the textures using hack, and this is exactly this function that will help you: go through some zone without Agra (so that mobs would not attack you) or a dungeon, in general, a useful thing!
3) We leave the texture-point: 4).
5) Walking in the mountains, here I think everything is clear, reduces time 🙂
6) Turn off “Walking in the mountains”

Other functions are meaningless and dangerous – the game knocks out errors …
Use: Turn on the hacks, then turn on the game, you can turn it around!
Oh yes, and now the cheat itself WoW SpeedHack:

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